Should I still follow the Hanabi Game Tutorial series?

Hello! I’m new here

I’ve found this great tutorial by capucat to get set up with learning to make a 3D game project with BabylonJS, TypeScript, Webpack, etc at Introduction To Creating Games | Babylon.js Documentation

The problem is that the game itself (at Hanabi) doesn’t seem to load after the cutscene…

Here’s the console output:

Should I still try to follow this tutorial or is it outdated by now?

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! This specific error was caused by a change in browsers API after the tutorial was written, and we patched it on the library. I confirmed that if you update the Babylon version in the project, the game works fine! Which is good because we always try to keep back compat :smiley: So you can follow the tutorial fine, just update the Babylon version on the npm package :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!! Someone really should update the link for that demo though

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Agree! The tutorial is great, I learned a lot from it, would be nice to see the game working again.

@PolygonalSun can you check with our friend :slight_smile: for pushing the new version

I can get in contact with them and let em’ know there’s an issue. If all else fails, we might have to address the shader issue ourselves

It has been addressed and the PR has been merged, we mainly need a rebuild/redeploy

Ah, okay. I misread that but I’ll get that taken care of.

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If it helps anyone else in the future, I’m hosting a mirror of the game on my server to try out while the main GitHub Page gets sorted out!


Thanks a ton! I believe @PolygonalSun was talking with the original tutorial author to update the deployment :smiley:

Yeah, I messaged them and they’re in the process of getting it updated.