Single material is showing two different colors

I’ve exported a glb file from Unreal Engine and for the most part it looks great in the sandbox, but one material is showing as two different shades of white/grey.

The meshes are two-sided and the material is 2-sided, any other ideas? I’m new to Babylon so maybe this is something simple I just don’t know about.

This would come from the setup in unreal or its exporter unfortunately :frowning:

Could you share the file with us ? We could then look into it and see if there is anything obvious you could ask there.

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I’m not sure if this is the right way to do it, but I changed the rendering setting for the material to Realtime Filtering with High Quality and that seemed to do the trick. Hopefully that’s not wrong! I’m still new at this.

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It is not wrong but less performant with a better overall quality.


If you can share the file with us (or even just a minimal file that has the same behavior, exported from the same tool) we can take a look at see if there’s another fix :slight_smile:

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