Slow FPS on mobile chrome

Getting 2.6 fps on mobile chrome on a huawei Y6 (Cortex A7 adreno 304 ?)
Getting 12 fps on mobile firefox on same phone.

On my PC, Intel I3-2100 with 8gb ddr3 and gtx-650 getting 75 fps same as lcd refresh speed.

I used createInstance to duplicate the same type of mesh for use in this simple game demo. The fairies are all 3D objects with about 500++ vertices and 500++ faces for each type of character, according to blender.

The character animation is done using morphtarget managers and setting influences for each different type of mesh (which is then reflected on all instances). The original 4 meshes was set to invisible and put away from rendering and only the instances appear on screen.

I used one highlightlayer to add all 4 meshes to make them glow a bit.

Is there anything I did wrong or could improve to speed the fps up on mobile devices ?

FPS data shown on title of browser.

Unsure how relevant but I get 60 fps on my s8+

Looks like my phone hardware is very outdated then…
At 60fps, I assume babylon.js is locked to refresh rate of the devices it’s on.

Yup the browser is locking it to 60 for us. It is also weird you are experiencing such a diff between FF and Chrome. I wonder if it is device specific in this case.

This is my phone specs. Huawei Y6 - Full phone specifications

I wonder if this phone is inadequate for bjs. I bought it in 2016.

I am wondering if it might be a driver level issue on those as the tech spec sounds it should be faster. One thing you could try is to disable highlights just to see how big is the win (they are pretty costly)

I have the GPU detail captured from latest Chrome://gpu option.

I disabled highlight at FeyFun

Only saved 1fps for the chrome and 3 fps for the firefox so basically it’s 3fps and 15fps for both browsers now. The highlight is not costly at all. I think it has to be driver issue within chrome/android blacklisting the adreno 304 (and maybe other models) for certain functions (and implementing them in software). I think I have to blacklist phones that uses adreno chipset GPUs in future.