SMAA to fix jaggies from clip planes doesn't work quite right

So I tried using clip planes and the edges are way too jagged.
I tried making an smaa pass

a lot of this is courtesy of

the thing is, it doesn’t quite work : /

Can anyone help me figure out why, and what can I do to fix this?
thank you so much! ^^

(PS: in the SMAA class change the debug to edges or weights to see their views)

cc @Evgeni_Popov
Alternatively, the built in FXAA post process seems to work fine: SMAA, Clipplane, Antialiasing | Babylon.js Playground (

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yeah but it makes edges / thin lines flicker and become dotted / dashed though ;-;

also: interestingly firefox does something that makes it way more anti-aliased than chromium

That will be hard to find the problem given the share amount of code… What I would do is compare the same (simple) scene rendered with Threejs and your code with Spector, and see if I can spot differences.

In addition to FXAA as suggested by @carolhmj (try this PG ), you can try a simple TAA implementation I described in this blog post:


Understandable, thank you so much for taking a look : )

TAA from the PG looks really promising : O

I’ll take a look at the blog post and try out the TAA implementation, ty!