Smooth mesh on Maya exporter

I’d like to know how can I export my model with Maya exporter with smooth skin effect.

Hey and welcome, I guess @PirateJC can maybe help?

Hey @Hugo_Dalben - It’s been a while since I’ve opened Maya but if I recall correctly, you should be able to essentially “bake” the skin effect into the mesh. So you’d end up with a new mesh with the applied affect on it. Then you should be able to export that. Does that make sense?

You mean Modify > Convert > Smooth Mesh Preview to Polygons?

Yeah I think that sounds right…again I’m pretty rusty in Maya, but try that and see if that bakes the effect to polys. Then try exporting.

The big problem is that the model gets too big after doing this…
When I exported in fbx to other engines, generally the engine itself made the skin smoother, now working with A-frame, I’m not sure if there is anything to do for the model to be light and without sharp edges …

well you are on the wrong forum then :slight_smile:
A-Frame is not babylonjs :smiley:

The point is, I use babylon to convert my models to gltf for a-frame.
And with Blender there are ways to export the model low-poly and with no sharp edges, and I am trying to know if there’s a way to do the same with Maya

Sounds like you want to bake your high poly model into a normal map to be applied to your low poly model? I’m pretty sure the process is similar for blender and maya…

Perhaps start here, then use your resulting normal map in the glTF export:

I just use the option Real-time filtering on material in babylon sandbox, and export again.