Smoothly Blend Between Environment Textures

Hello guys,

I have a scene where I am loading an environment texture using CubeTexture.CreateFromPrefilteredData().
The thing this that I am loading different environment textures and would like to have a smooth transition when switching between them.

Is it possible to smoothly blend between two different environment textures in the scene?

If yes, how can this be achieved?

I hope there is way to do this.

Thank you in advance.


Outside of a custom shader / material, A PBR Material can only have one reflection texture at a time. Maybe you could have a postprocess that you animate like the PBR Material built-in image processing configuration.

  • before change lower something like exposure to a dark value
  • make switch
  • reverse exposure

Few people even know image processing configuration even exists. Not documented last time I checked. You can actually do it on a material level, I am pretty sure, since noticing it in source code of Material is where I first found it.

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Agreed. I wonder if this could be integrated in a video serie for NME. Explaining how to do this with pp and imageProcessing config for the scene or a material would certainly be an interesting learning. I would watch it.

It is not supported at the moment but would be an amazing contribution :wink: The shader would need to change quite a bit to support all the various cases.

Maybe a simpler way if it not controlled per pixel, would be to use some kind of post process to blend the textures and harmonics before hand ?