[SOLVED] Mesh's faces seem to rotate during morph

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to morph a mesh created with Blender and imported as a .babylon file, but some of the faces seem to “rotate” during the transition between the two steps of the animation.


I’ve set up a Github repo so that you can see it by yourself.

Any idea of what might be the cause? Is this a bug? All I did was move some of the vertices in Blender’s Edit Mode.

Thanks in advance!

Does the model use quads?
Looks like the quads are split into triangles in the wrong direction so when you pull that one vertex out they have to rotate to achieve the correct final form.

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Yes, it used quads; I converted those quads into triangles, and now everything works fine!


How to convert from quads to triangles:

  • In Object mode, select the model
  • Switch to Edit mode
  • Press the A key to select the whole model (if not already selected)
  • CTRL + F -> Triangulate Faces

@withADoveInOneHand thanks for putting me into the right track, I’m a total newbie with 3D modeling.