Waiting for Next version

When will babylonjs v5 become stable. I’m waiting…

Why not using the preview ???

It is as stable as the release will be except there are NEW in progress features in 5.0.

And if you are waiting for a feature in particular, you can make a PR for it to make it happen faster.


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Hey @Blackcatz19 I echo what @sebavan has said here.

If you’re eager to get bug fixes and changes, you can always point to the preview release instead of stable.

Most people use the preview release as their production version because of our commitment to quality code and backwards compatibility.

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Are the preview versions available as esNext modules? I could not find one. I am using the esNext modules and would like to use the preview releases as they have many problems fixed.

Having said that it is nine months and the baby is due. :slight_smile:

You simply add @preview to your npm module installs.

See NPM Support | Babylon.js Documentation

Oh, and software isn’t a human baby :slight_smile: it’s done when it’s done and the preview release is generally rock solid, more than stable enough for production.

Great! That will be good enough for me. Thanks to the babylonjs team and community for their great work!

I can wait now for the 5.0 baby.