Some problems about env texture

Here is my problems:

  1. why is the env upside down?
  2. How to simulate the Gaussian Blur on the env texture.
  3. How to let env texture rotate around Y axis.

Please, make sure use single image on env, but not on cubeTexture…

Of cause, this is my PG.

.env is totally designed to work with cubetexture not for 2d ones.

Env should be already prefiltered, meaning their blur level per mip map should be an accurate representation of the roughness.

Could you detail a bit more your use case so that we can find the most appropriate solution.

Thx for answering my question Sebavan.

My main point is to use some EQUIRECTANGULAR pictures which called as 360 photo dome as a env texture. And I can’t find some methods to apply these pictures to a cubetexture…

Why not converting your texture to a prefiltered one with Lys or IBL baker first ? Use a HDR environment (for PBR) - Babylon.js Documentation