Specular Antialiasing

I once saw a playground demo where it is simply a shark with a biting animation. The thing is that the demo was talking about something called (I could be wrong) specular antialiasing. The reflections on the shark’s skin were smoother and sharper with specular antialiasing turned on. I was asking if someone could explain to me something in the realm of what I have described and how to turn it on in Babylon.js :grin:.

Hi S

Did you try a docs search? :wink:

Oddly, for docs search to find it, you need to use specular anti-aliasing (include hyphen) … or use specular aliasing (no anti or hyphen). Sorry about that.

To cut to the chase… Master Physically Based Rendering (PBR) - Babylon.js Documentation

Shark demo there, too. Be well.


I did try a docs search but I didn’t find a result. Thanks tho.

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