SPS invisible particle position update?

I need to make a particle invisible using the isVisible property, but then position updates are not applied afterwards.
I’m using a example from the documentation to demonstrate: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#KS9V2E#2

I set all possible visibility method I could find, but nothing made the change.
What can I do here?

Also, what is the purpose is isAlive vs isVisible?

Pinging @jerome

Yep, that’s the way it works :

  • Invisible particles aren’t updated to speed up a standard SPS (not an expandable one) : it was the way the feature was requested at the time so pre-created but yet used particles aren’t visible and not computed. All the invisble particles are obviously updated when reset to visible.
    If you still want to update their positions when invisible just keep an updated value in some variables of your own (arrays) and set the particle positions to these values when getting visible back.
  • Dead (not alive) particles can be visible or not. They’re simply not updated in the next call to setParticles()