SSAO bug with othographic cameras

Hi, we have the requirement to use SSAO with orthographic cameras. Is this possible?
Currently it is not: Babylon.js Playground

I don’t think this is supported yet but we could probably add it
pinging @CraigFeldspar

I’m putting that on my to-do list :slight_smile:
I’ll keep you in touch

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@CraigFeldspar Did you had time to look into this? We are developing a CAD-like software and are using orthographic cameras. We would like to integrate SSAO.

@CraigFeldspar +1 on this, it would really be great to have SSAO working for the ortho camera.
Please let us know when you can if it’s being considered in the near future.

Hello guys,
I see this seems important for you guys. I’m struggling with the amount of work that is currently on my plate, but I’ll let you know once I have a bit of free time.
If it is really urgent and you wish to have it implemented yourself or by someone else, reach me in PM I can give you insights on how I would do it.