SSAO rendering brightness adjustment

Hi, I am looking to set SSAO effects independent of the pipeline basically to avoid the affects on FPS. Is there an option to do this? If so what are the ways / documents I can look into?

You can see/modify all the parameters of the SSAO/SSAO2 effect from the inspector (when browsing a PG that uses this effect). Maybe there will be something you can use.

@Evgeni_Popov thanks for the response, i did look up a PG but I havent gotten any answers to what i am looking for. Conceptually i am trying to get the ambient occlusion to work without an SSAO pipeline. Haven’t found anything even close to this ask. Is this even a possible thing?

Yes, you can use an ambient occlusion texture with a PBR material without using the SSAO pipeline: just pipe your texture to the pbrmaterial.ambient property.