SSAO2 blur shader issues

Odd how the area directly to the left of the towel gets so very dark with sharp contrast when using the geometry renderer but looks normal on the prepass one.

Yes, the prepass renderer is more accurate.

The towel has a material with the “two sided lighting” property enabled, but the geometry buffer renderer is not able to take this parameter into account (it does not know about the material, only the geometry). So, it is not able to flip the normal when necessary, contrary to the prepass renderer.

Wow , that is gonna be awesome. Thanks

@ChristofferA looking forward to the blur fixes or changes you are doing as well because while what evgeni is doing fixes the banding bug , there is of course still the issue you outlined in that the blur is destroying the darkening in the creases

excellent thread and progress. Thanks gents, I appreciate all effort and improvements! Better viisuals for clients :wink:

Ah, so that is probably why it fails in our production code experiments on double-sided materials. We are still on 4.x which didn’t have the prepass option for SSAO2, right? If so, a perfect reason to try to get some time allocated to an upgrade to 5.x.

@Evgeni_Popov & @shaderbytes: The PR is up now. =)

It seems the prepass renderer was already existing in 4.2, so you can give it a try. However, the depth texture was probably 16 bits float at that time too (though you can change it by accessing some private member of the PrePassRenderer class).

Note that since 5.51.0, the depth texture of the pre-pass renderer is now 32 bits. So, this PG now works without the artifacts for the towel:

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