SSAO2 Post Processing and Glow Layer

I’m using a combination of the SSAO2 and GlowLayer with emissive materials in my scene, and most of the time the combination looks fine together. However there are a few cases where if an object is emissive and there is another object (e.g. player avatar) near the emissive object, the ssao lowers the brightness of the glow layer, which ends up looking quite strange as the glow ends up looking grey.

I’m not 100% sure if the issue is the GlowLayer, or just the emissive color itself getting shaded by the SSAO. Possibly both.

Is there a way to solve the issue? Some way to make the glow layer render on top of the SSAO post process? Or use some kind of HDR rendering option?

Happy to post up a playground example if my question isn’t clear, but I don’t have the time to do that right at this moment.


Here’s a PG demonstrating the problem:

However, I don’t see any solution to this, it’s not really possible to move the glow layer post process after the SSAO… And even doing that would be marginally better (I modified my sources locally to be able to do that):



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I would be keen to see what code you changed in order to move glow layer rendering to after the ssao post process and see if there is any advantage in my scene.

I didn’t keep my changes and I don’t really remember what I did… But I seem to recall it was more a hack than anything…