SSAO2 wrong shade

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On the following image the interior shade of the base cabinet is applied to the front of door center panel. When I remove affected cabinet the wrong shade reappeared on the next one.

This issue is reproduced on the playground
[](http://Playground example)

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Maybe @julien-moreau has an idea?

Hi @val!
I notice that the geometry buffer renderer (used by the SSAO pipleine) doesn’t render the door as you can see in the normals:

I’m testing if there is any alpha or whatever but I find nothing at the moment :frowning:

Ok found, the material’s albedo texture has the flag “hasAlpha” set to “true”.
Then, it will not be renderered as geometry buffer renderer will render only opaque and alpha-test meshes. Here the material needs alpha blending.

Fixed here:
Maybe you can re-export by deleting the unnecessary alpha flag on the albedo texture (that looks to have no alpha)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Yes, that is it! Thank you @julien-moreau for your help!

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