Submariner of the Deep Gray Sea [Live]

I’m happy to announce the final evaluation of my game that i’ve been working on during my summer vacation. Water pollution is becoming more of a global disaster and it seems Aquaman is not taking his job lightly. So why don’t you jump in on the ride, clear the debris and earn some few bucks. At least, you can get some tuna fish, buy a gigantic submarine.

NB: The game is going to be live by the end of this week, watch the trailer and i’m open to any suggestion!!
The video looks kinda slow because of the application I was using to record…

cheers!! :slight_smile:
Noire graphic
tidal waves
fish animation simulation using vertex shader
fish ai system (flocking, seeking, fleeing, follow leader, pathfinder, collision avoidance)
Virtual joystick for mobile control
Beautiful babylonjs GUI system


Looks interesting. I definitely enjoy the art direction, gives me a bit of a Sunless Sea vibe. Can’t wait to try out the full game! Congrats!

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Can’t wait to see it live!

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Like the relaxing music.

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Thanks for the heartwarming comments :blush::blush:

Huuuugeee, I wanna play now :wink:

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Lookin’ good, Wavey! I’m a little concerned about your “flocks” of AI fish, though. :wink:

Just to be safe, I would surface the sub, and check for “schools” of seagulls. Maybe all your sea-critters… are suffering from some kind of identity crisis. heh. (Wingy being a goofball, as usual.)

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Whoa! The submariner of the deep gray sea is finally live, still a beta version. as time progress, I will continue updating.

I thought i was going to finish up quickly last week but something urgent came up :pensive:

and just in case you’re wondering how complex the fishes are, here you go:

submariner of the deep gray sea:


This is a fun game. : )

I like the VJD, music, and the concept.

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I am glad you liked it!

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