Subsurface Scattering in BabylonJS


If you want you can download my fork here : graphic-assets/3D-models/Lee-Perry-Smith-Head at master · Vinc3r/graphic-assets · GitHub and use Blender 2.8 to export in a format C4D will like. I’ve also generated a normal map, but in a quick & dirty way, using NormalMap-Online :smiley:


Ill give that a look when I get a chance here, and if that fixed it Ill bake out the SSS maps.


Good god, you guys are way too fast…hehe, I have the lps head blend file somewhere in my archives but if not: has a blend file as well. I don’t think we need hi-res textures for SSS dev and testing. A beauty pass in ZBrush with all the skin pores and alphas is a little overkill but you should see the light scatter from the ears. One of the impt pts is to ensure the model is of the right scale as the scattering ‘should’ be dependent on real world scale.


Maybe its the scale that is putting me off, let me see if I can figure that out then. Cause as it is I cant get any SSS effects to display through the ears or anything. And toggling the effect shows no change in the pixel colors even at a sampled level so its definitely not working as is.