Supported features of Babylon js Unity Toolkit?

I’ve been messing around with the toolkit for a few days to use on mobile web and just need to find out if these features are supported directly from the export process:

  • GUI (UI + raycasting to that UI, buttons)
  • Raycasting and firing events OnMouseDown()
  • Controlling the character with joystick or point and click (myst style gameplay)

I just need to walk around a scene and raycast certain objects to have a popup show up on screen and allow the user to select it.

And if it’s not supported directly on export could you explain the process of extending the JS. Since I was looking around the exported code and don’t see the main entry points (JS is not my primary lang)

First off… The babylon toolkit is just a fancy exporter. There is NO CONVERSION from Unity To Babylon. I simply export all the GEOMETRY, LIGHTS AND CAMERAS… with a little bit of extra metadata. My Scene Manager extension for Babylon does all the reset… Gives is life-cycle and provides a Managed Scene Component API to give you that Unity-Like Game Development experience for your babylon web game projects.

With that being said… i do package up ALOT properties and settings via components that you attach to games object to provide ALOT of extra functionality.

BUT Re-Implementing the Unity GUI System is not one of them.

But you do have Script Components… You could create a script component, attach to a game object or globally to your scene controller and do whatever you want in code.

In the Scene Manager API i have do have helper functions for PICKING and RAYCASTING and USER INPUT.

All these things you can do WITH or WITHOUT my managed API using a script component. Hope that helps…

PS… You gotta know Javascript (And Preferably Typescript) to write your game code mechanics :slight_smile:

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