SVG texture with image linking to "object URL" does not work

Image in a SVG texture that is linking to an “object URL” does not work. Probably a CORS issue?
Here is a Playground sample for the issue: Babylon.js Playground

You should simply pass the string data to href and not the result of createObjectUrl:

Note: you should check first that copying/pasting the value of url in the adress bar of a browser produces the desired result. If that does not work (as it is the case with your PG), it can’t work in Babylon neither.

The problem is that I have really large photos and placing them in SVG as data urls is memory intensive, better keep them around as object urls (makes sense I hope).
The sample I uploaded shows that the object URL itself can be used as a texture image but NOT when linking from within a SVG.

Sorry, did not see in your PG that you already tested this possibility…

It seems linking to a picture does not work either:

Maybe there are some constraints when using data uri that prevent using external references…

[…] It seems it is the reason why it does not work: html - svg in data uri not rendered - Stack Overflow

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