TextBlock component incorrect display vertical position on macOS

A text is displayed differently on Windows and MacOS. It is raised a couple of pixels up on macOS. Maybe someone has encountered this problem?
Снимок экрана 2023-01-21 в 15.09.06 - macos
image - windows

It likely comes from the font used. Is this a custom font, a google font or a typekit?
Font-families despite from having the same name are not always the same on windows and mac. And then, there not always the same between truetype and opentype depending on the editor. Even worse when the font is not an ‘official’ distribution. If you want to make sure the font shows exactly the same, I would use a typekit.
Else, I encountered the problem with a local font installed that was not from the same editor then the typekit font. If you already use a typekit font and have the local font installed, uninstall the local font to make sure you only display the font you are serving.

Yeah, that’s what I thought too, so I tried removing my custom font and checking the default one. The behavior was the same

Is it from the editor or just with code?
Lemme take a look at this. Might be new. I would have noticed it since I do quite some GUI and always check on both win/mac.

Edit: Just checked back on my current scene in both env (chrome) and my custom typekit font looks exactly the same.

Did you give dimensions to your tb? Is it constrained in a container? Is it BJS only or else?
Easier than a ton of Q&A, can you quickly make a repro in PG? I will have a look and if it’s a bug I will cc @carolhmj (only today is sunday so the answer won’t come before tomorrow).
Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

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