Texture mapping

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  1. Im importing mesh(glb) from github and adding texture using S3 bucket “https://devprojectupload.s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/32490.png”. But problem is the text in image looks like mirror image when i add as texture on glb.
    For example look at Happy Birthday text.

But actual image is like this

What could be the issue?

Here is image link where im getting texture.

  1. How can achive this output.

Right now im getting this as output, texture image will be wrapped all over the mug but instead i want to have texture only outside the mug like above example.’


Here is the playground link

Thanks in advance

Hi Pavanpk!
Try rotating the UV albedo texture

mat.diffuseTexture.uAng = Math.PI;

I would also recommend editing the model (Blender, 3Ds Max, Maya…) to adjust different materials and apply the texture only on the outside

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You can try to play with the texture properties (u/vOffset, u/vWrap, u/vScale) and a bit of custom code to fill the black color because of using clamping:

But if you want your picture to go fully around the mug you will need to update the uv mapping in a DCC tool (Blender, …) and probably make the handle a separate mesh, else it will get mapped with the picture.


Thank you so much for the info @DRLeria

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Thank you so much @Evgeni_Popov

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