Texture PNG always display solid background color despite lighting

I have a png texture set over a plane that has billboardMode enabled. I need the plane to be stark white no matter where it is facing so the png texture will show clearly. How do I do this? Also when rotating the camera to the bottom left. The plane turns completely black. I want to ensure, that it stays white even in that area.

For example here’s a super simple NME material that uses the color white wherever the texture is transparent. This is an easy way IMO to get it working how (I think) you want - and using just one mesh instead of two. :slight_smile:

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The double mesh is so that when the plane is behind another mesh it will show transparent. If you look at the two meshes they have different renderGroupIds. With one having a lower alpha.

Yup I noticed and removed those things, but maybe IDK what effect you’re after thou. :thinking:

Hmm do you just want it to have 0.5 alpha like this then? Otherwise I’m not sure what you’re trying to do…

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Thats awesome, now I have a transparent one also. I’m not sure if you understand but here is a pg demonstrating what I was talking about. One for transparent when the plane is blocked and one full color for when in view.

Heya, so here I just cloned the node material after it’s loaded and gave the disc that’s rendered first an alpha of 1 and the disc that’s rendered second an alpha of 0.5. I think there’s also a way to do it with just one disc mesh drawn instead of 2 but I’m not quite sure how… :slight_smile:

o man, thank you

ok last one that is similar to the previous issue. I have a png set as a texture but this time with a transparent background. I want to keep the transparent background but I don’t want the png texture to reflect any light. How can I make the texture display as solid black? The area in the pg where it is, is commented out by “Dimension Markers”.

Setting disableLighting to true (line 88) seems to work well for that. I also removed the diffuseTexture so that it’s using just the opacityTexture now, not both. Alternatively a simple NME material could be used, I think you could just wire the RGBA from the texture block straight to the fragment block to achieve the same result. :slight_smile:

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