Texture Tiling ( Repeat UV in maya ) values to GLTF export not carrying the values

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I am facing one more issues while creating 3D assets from Maya to GLTF.
Please look in to the images i am attaching here for idea:
Tiling values for U value and V Value are given as 10, 10 respectively in Maya as shown.

But when its been exported to GLTF y using Babylonjs Exporter plugin from maya.
its U value and V value are set to 1, 1 … look at the picture below

So how do we carry these values from Maya to GLTF for this kind of textures???
i am using Stingray PBS material from Maya…

Please suggest

pinging @Drigax

Are you enabling KHR_Texture_Transform in your export settings? The base schema for glTF doesn’t support texture transformations, so we add that information in the extension.

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Thanq so much it really worked.

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