The 50’s Diner Website

The 50’s Diner Restaurant is my first project with BabylonJS. I found it a pleasure to work with.

I actually wrote about my experience with Babylon on LinkedIn if anyone is interested: "The 50's Diner"​ by Kris Tobiasson


Nice menu animation.

Thanks Richard

Really cool, like what you want to get when you Google any restaurant to get a feel for the atmo.

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Thanks a ton for your feedback. It means a lot for me

pinging @PirateJC FYI

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@highpockets - This is a fantastic first project! I love it!

How would you feel about submitting it for consideration for our 4.1 release video?

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Hey thanks everyone for the kind words. And yes, @PirateJC, I would be thrilled to share my project for the release video.

Real professional work! Very nice menu animation.