The ambient optical image is reversed

Hi babylon, I have a question about left hand coordinate system versus right hand coordinate system.
Default left hand coordinate system:
PGDemo | Babylon.js Playground (
This is the right-handed coordinate system:
[PGDemo | Babylon.js Playground (]( want to be the default left hand coordinate system the environment reflection in the mirror, up to the right-handed coordinate system, I tried to modify invertZ and call hdrTexture getTextureMatrix () toggleProjectionMatrixHandInPlace (). It doesn’t do what I want. Is there a way to reverse the reflection texture image without modifying the useRightHandedSystem?

You can set the reflection matrix of the environment map “by hand”:


This is exactly what I wanted.It seems that hdrTexture.rotationY resets the reflection matrix, and invertZ and hdrTexture.getReflectionTextureMatrix().toggleProjectionMatrixHandInPlace() do not work.