The difference between glowlayer and bloomEffect in babylon

What is the difference between glow layer and bloom in babylon? Can anyone explain it to me? My concept of the two is a bit vague. GlowLayer emits self-illumination based on emissions, so what does bloom based on? bloom based on color brightness?

Why does the scene turn white when using ssr and drp glowlayer together?

Anything can glow whereas Bloom requires a certain luminance to “glow”.

I will let @Evgeni_Popov check about the ssr + glow compatibility.

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It’s not a problem with SSR but with the fact that all materials of the scene are using an emissive color of (1,1,1) for some reason, so enabling a glow layer will render everything white.

To demonstrate it’s a problem with emissive, I set the diffuse color to the emissive color and reset the emissive color to black: