The Inspector input value input box allows the value to be resized by dragging and dropping the mouse

Similar to the unity editor, it is often necessary to quickly adjust the value to verify the most reasonable value. Direct input is too inefficient.

Hope that in the Inspector panel, all numerical input boxes can quickly adjust the numerical value by dragging the cursor.

You can click into the input and mouse wheel up or down for now, does that help?

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cc @DarraghBurke

As @Pryme8 says, there are clickable arrow buttons. You can also use the up/down arrow keys to adjust values.

In the GUI editor, we introduced a new type of numeric input that allows you to click and drag your mouse to freely adjust the value. This has not made it into the inspector yet, but we hope sometime this year to unify the UI across our tools and give you access to this feature.

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Yes, the drag mouse free adjustment experience in the GUI editor is great. But unfortunately, you have to start from the up and down arrows. In fact, you can capture the entire input box, which has a larger response area, the experience should be better, and there will be no conflicts.

Well, that’s already the case. Obviously, you first have to click to select the textInput (which is kind of normal and expected) then you can use mousescroll to change value.

Edit: just realized @Pryme8 already gave this answer (lol, should may be read topics in full before answering). Well, let’s just say I can confirm :wink: and this behavior seems OK to me. :smiley:

Well, clicking inside the text input is for moving the cursor and highlight range in the textbox, not adjusting the numeric value. There would be a conflict in behavior if we were to implement dragging up and down.