The skin is uncorrect when export babylon file by 3dmax2018 exporter

When I want to export babylon file with skeleton aniamtion from 3dmax 2018, I found the skin is uncorrect.

But When I export to glb file, the skin is correct.

Is there any method to export correct babylon file?

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@xiaopangoo, sorry for the delay in my response. I had to do a bunch of testing on your asset to get any sort of answer. I don’t have a definitive answer because I can’t repro your results but that is likely because I can’t replicate your exact setup.

I was not able to get 3ds Max 2018, on my machine as I could only go back as far as 2019. However, that would not install on my machine which is running Windows 11. I am not entirely surprised by this, but I don’t have a Windows 10 machine to test with so I am a little stuck in trying to mirror your setup.

What I can tell you is the following:

  • Using 3ds Max 2023 with the 20230608.5 exporter (which you are using) I am able to export correctly to both .babylon and .gltf formats.
  • Exporting from 3ds Max 2023 and the current exporter for either format takes an unreasonable amount of time… the kind of time where you set it off and push it to the background to work on other things and check back when you think of it later. There is also nothing written to the log on export, which is troubling. Even when exporting only selected mesh and skeletal nodes with no animations, the export time is very long and nothing is logged.
  • Exporting your asset to FBX and into Maya 2023 using the 20230608.5 exporter exports correctly for both .babylon and .gltf files.
  • Exporting from Maya 2023 using the latest exporter exports quickly with a full log of operations. Even though the exports were large (40 mb for .glb and 114 mb for .babylon) the exports took maybe 30-60 seconds at most.
  • Trying to eliminate the conversion to .fbx cleaning up issues with the mesh, I imported that .fbx back into 3ds Max to export and got the same results - long export time and no log information.

My suggestion would be to try to update your version of 3ds Max. Alternatively, using glTF as your export format is a good way to go as well. I will open an issue around the time for 3ds Max exports as well as the empty log window, but that won’t really be a fix for what you are seeing.

I wish I had a more definitive solution for you, but without a direct repro, I can only guess.

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