The Streets Of Whitechapel

As @Deltakosh has added sound sprites to BJS, I thought I might experiment with the BJS sound sysytem. Thinking about it, I decided to go back to an old 3D world that I created for the old Blaxxun 3d VRML world system - so I dug out my old VRML files and assembled them into a babylon file in Blender 2.76.

The files are originally 20 years old and I ended up having to use Blender 2.62, as I had all kinds of trouble with other versions of Blender. I then opened that 2.62 file in Blender 2.76.

The original use was to allow people to wander about the scene and chat. That has been changed to create a simple kind of story-telling game with the aim to fill up the detective’s notebook. There is not set order - so just wander at will. When it is full - you get an ending.

The sounds come from 3 sources:

  1. The sound sprite sounds from a collection I made back 20 years ago.
  2. The story telling - me ( and I’m no Laurence Olivier!).
  3. The two pub songs are a looping verse made from two songs sung by Georgia Brown in the 1965 movie “A Study In Terror

Other additions include an extra 9 lights, more street signs and my little menu system and the opening page. The original files and textures had to be delivered over a phone modem that in most cases was 33.kbaud so they were tiny. Infact the unzipped VRML files are about 520 kbytes, and about 130kbytes zipped.The textures 340 kbytes total.

I used the same textures as you may notice and the .babylon file is 1.07MBytes.

The Streets of Whitechapel.


The Streets of Whitechapel2.

U key to brighten, D key to darken - tap until happy

Some of the icons for the menu system were made from icons obtained at game others from old newspaper images from the 1890s

Basically it tells a story - which is the kind of game I like :slight_smile:

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:



@Deltakosh and exactly how far did you get in that one minute ???:grin:

I heard the story of that lady which was a bit sad :smiley:
And commented while listening

(Maybe the overall stage is a bit dark)

Funny to make an old project revival!
Unfortunatly I couldn’t go deep, all I got is a very dark scene with only one street lamp visible :upside_down_face:

Well as people seem to be having a problem with the “darkness”, I have created a second version that allows you to add or remove light:

Streets Of Whitechapel 2

The U key brightens the scene and the D key removes light. Tap until you are happy :slight_smile:

I should point out that when the victim Liz Stride was found in Dutfields yard by a cart driver, it was so dark that he only found her body with the end of his horse whip. So don’t make it too bright - it was a very dark place in every sense of the word!

Actually it was kind of a turning point , it led to images of my work appearing on the back cover of the SigGraph program. It really got me into 3D!

As for the darkness, the whole thing is really about story telling, so I hope some people will not be deterred. Whitechapel was full of immigrants - and we are hearing a lot about such people these days.

Ohh and the image below is how it appears to me on my 3 Samsung desktop monitors. But monitor screens are a bit of a guessing game.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

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