The tutorial & resources sharing thread

We know we have already Babylon 101, How To, Resources and even Off-site tutorials but sometimes it can be helpful to just share a link to the community, which can talk about general 3D realtime practices without being directly linked to BabylonJS, and so this thread to get your wonderful tip & tricks on the fly!

So let’s start this:


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So not sure if this is in the right place - but software some people might find useful :


Materialize is a stand alone tool for creating materials for use in games from images - start with a diffuse image and create heightmap, normal, metallic, smoothness and AO images for your PBR materials in Blender or BJS.

Unfortunately, it is only available for Windows.

And here are a couple of tutorials :

Materialize - Quick Start Guide - PBR Textures in Minutes

Materialize | Full Easy to Follow Guide

Hope that is what you might be looking for …

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

A couple of additions:

  1. It is free software!!
  2. You can start with any image. So take a picture of tree bark with your cell phone and it can be converted into a tileable image with all the other appropriate other images being produced.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


Other links about good practices in real-time 3D:

3D Content Guidelines for Microsoft

Art Pipeline for glTF


The Camera Versus the Human Eye

Normal Edge Decal Tutorial by Leonardo Iezz, pdf download available through the description.

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The Ultimate Trim: Texturing Techniques of Sunset Overdrive by Morten Olsen (Insomniac Games), an interesting way of unwrapping UVs, allowing material mass-sharing and textures number mass-optimization:


I found a converter for FBX to .glTF/.glb, for those who still not have a proper gltf exporter in their 3D package:

  • supports all platforms
  • has a lot of built in functionality
  • draco compression is awesome for small .glb’s!

I also have some tools that happen to me to use. Maybe you will find useful (everything is for online use):

Have you ever wondering what basic Blender keyboard shortcuts could look like? Here you have:
Learn Blender with a poster infographic.

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