There are an error in my tiled map wireframe, but I don't know how should I fix it?

There are some problems in my tiled accuracy, and because of such problems when I zoom out the map is became blur, and as you can see in the following screen shots there are some problems with my tiled map, but I don’t know how to fix it.

chrome-capture (4)

chrome-capture (5)

how can I fix this issue? Is it possible to help me

Here is my PG:

Hi @nasimiasl

I’m so sorry for pinging you again and taking your precious time.

I finally build the height map but there are some problems, there are some serious problems when I zoom out on the map, and the map became blur in some level of zoom out, is it possible to see my PG :

in this PG the zoom variable is set to 22 but when I set it to 15 or 14 everything somehow fix or maybe decrease.

in some level of zoom (specially zoom out) there are inaccuracies like following the screen shot from my tiled map: