Thin Instances not rendering to depth buffer

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I have switched from using normal Instances to Thin Instances and I have a shader that uses the result of a render texture with the depth buffer rendered to it.

It seems that the Thin Instances are not being rendered to the depth buffer/render texture. Is this a limitation or a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

Here’s a playground with what I currently have: Babylon.js Playground

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I think you are using Babylon.js 4.2: it seems there was a bug in this version as it does work in 5.0.


Oh, that’s awesome! Thank you! Thin Instances are amazing!

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Do you know if there is a timeline on when 5.0 will be officially released?

It’s planned for Q1 of next year I think. However, you should be fine to use it just now, it should be at least as stable than 4.2 for existing features and have a number of bugs fixed.

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ah nice. It’s just for a side project anyway so using 5.0 now should be fine. Thank you again. I’m sure I’ll have more questions before this project is over :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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