Think Camera.minZ & maxZ a little extreme for XR (very minor)

For XR, where meters is the required unit of scale, it seems using the default maxZ from Camera of 10000 ( 6.2 miles) is an unlikely value which would chosen by someone. 50 or 100 meters seems more reasonable.

Bringing the value down would help in the z-order fighting cause, & may also allow for a lower default for minZ which is over ridden to 0.1 (4 inches) on XR. Things disappearing at 4 inches for this kind of device seems a little early. Maybe .01 would be better.

While these are just defaults which anyone can change, I think better than can be done.

I love the idea !!! adding @RaananW to integrate the fix (as I am afraid of breaking it :slight_smile: )

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sure! I am totally for it. I wouldn’t make the maxZ so low, especially since the default size of the skybox is 1000, but lowering it to 1100 and setting a new minZ makes a lot of sense. I’ll experience with it a bit, but if you want to submit a PR after testing it yourself, please do! :slight_smile:

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1100 makes sense for max, so that the default sky box works. Thanks for bringing that up, BTW.

I have a Blender implemented, high res, Picture dome (a @gryff trick that allows it to be rotate-able in Blender). I was having it be the exact diameter of the circular floor. I looks very good, but making the sphere bigger than the floor space would allow the it to seem even more real as you approached the balcony / edge, since you could start to see the sky as well as below.

Here is a side view with a back face culled wall outlined in red. The reason I am mentioning this is that sky boxes DO NOT look even close to real in XR, due to resolution limits of 3D textures. I do not recommend them. This image is 4000 x 8000. Will probably test the performance of converting it to a ASTC sometime soon too.

Right now, I need to dig the shrapnel out of my foot & get my GUI working again. I wanted to put a toggle button on an arm controller supported by my GUI, which would bring the walls up / down to get more room for certain animation unit tests. The buttons that are on the walls need to be much bigger than a touchable button, but I only had one scene wide scale. I have multiple scales now, but nothing shows up.

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