Toggle grid from inspector via code

Hey there.
I’d like to diplay a grid as it is displayed via the inspector because i like the radial transparent falloff and the benefit of toggeling only one grid if i need it.

The question was asked here before but, in my opinion, not answered completely.

So three things:

  1. is there a way to toggle the inspectors grid feature from within the code?
  2. where is the code for the inspector (didn’t find it yet) on github?
  3. if any of this doesn’t work. How do i make the grid material on the plane be transparent so one can look through?

Thanks a lot,


  1. No :slight_smile:
  2. Here: Babylon.js/renderGridPropertyGridComponent.tsx at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub


Well, thats unfortunate :frowning: I’ll keep you updated if i implement a solution.
Thanks @Deltakosh, have a nice day!

You can reproduce the code easily (just extract the function from the link I shared)

Well, that was easy. I misunderstood your answer to the third question.
Thanks a lot :heart_eyes:

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