Tooltip on hover

I’m interested in having a tooltip appear on hover for the box and the front wheel from the loaded mesh. At the moment they have an outline hover state but I don’t know how to create the tooltip. Any ideas greatly appreciated.


I played with that thing a month ago.

You need to use BABYLON.GUI as seen in example. I hope that helps you.


Ah nice, thanks very much, I’ll take a look

nice one! you should contribute this one as part of the GUI!

With your code I had a go at creating tooltips for multiple objects with a hover state for each, but got as far as two of them activating on the same object on mouseover. Any ideas how I can separate them?

Sorry, I’ve got a lot to learn, cheers

you should prolly make a function to unset and do the animations as well that iterates though an array of your objects and ignores or flags meshes depending on the hover event


Excellent, thanks very much!