Top Urgent: Scene Imported from the Model Library

Hi All,

Please I need your support for below. I imported a scene from model library into playground and now want to move the aero plane with keyboard but I am not able to move aero plane.

My code is as below.

var delayCreateScene = function () {

var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine);  

BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "", "aerobatic_plane.glb", scene, function (meshes) {          

    scene.createDefaultCameraOrLight(true, true, true);




return scene;



Below is screenshot for for reference.

As you’re doing this in the playground, please share the link it will be a lot more convenient.

Here is link of the code

Please isolate your issue in a playground, with just mesh import + keyboard navigation.

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Could you please share some code for this, how to do it. I am new in Babylon and not progressing on this issue.


Try to look at the doc’ :wink: Here the page you want: Interacting With Scenes | Babylon.js Documentation, containing this “simple mesh move” example: Babylon.js Playground

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Hi @wkhan and welcome to the forum.

As @Vinc3r stated we can help you better if you show any playground you created no matter how limited.

Here is a simple playground (PG) of moving a mesh using the keyboard Babylon.js Playground

You can find it in the documentation Interacting With Scenes | Babylon.js Documentation

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I have imported this
but not able to move this aero plane.

There’s not any line of code about keyboard in your playground… Read the doc’, linked twice above your last message, and at least try something then.

Please see below screenshot as I am getting error.
TS2339: Property ‘position’ does not exist on type ‘ISceneLoaderPlugin | ISceneLoaderPluginAsync’.
Property ‘position’ does not exist on type ‘ISceneLoaderPlugin’.

Sorry cannot work from a screenshot of code. Please provide a playground of your code even f it does not work. You can switch to typescript in the playground Playground | Babylon.js Documentation

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Hi and welcome!

I agree with everything the Jedi Masters have said. The council has spoken :-).
BTW - The documentation page might have everything you need - Getting Started - Chapter 1 - Working with Models | Babylon.js Documentation. Please provide an example with the issue, otherwise it is very hard to help.