Turn off refraction overall in all materials / scene

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if i turn of Refraction in inspector (debug, “core texture channels”) my drawcalls reduce about 40%!
But what happens exactly when i use the inspector to turn off the refraction?

RefractionTextureEnabled is only avaliable in StandardMaterials, but i only use PBR.

How can i disable Refraction in my complete scene?

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RefractionTextureEnabled will actually work for both materials.

Reducing draw call by this much makes sense as with refraction we actually need to render the scene into a renderTarget a second time :slight_smile:

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thx for your fast reply.

I tried this:


but it has no effect on draw-calls.
What else i have to do?


it is a global flag only so to use with StandardMaterial.RefractionTextureEnabled = false despite impacting PBR as well :slight_smile: mostly related to historical reasons :slight_smile:



var stdMat = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("default", scene);
stdMat.RefractionTextureEnabled = false;

should disable refraction global?

BABYLON.StandardMaterial.RefractionTextureEnabled = false;

In your case / js