Type 'ArcRotateCamera' is not assignable to type 'Nullable<Vector3 | AbstractMesh>'

hey guys can anyone tell me what err is this please

You cannot assign a camera as an emitter

@JohnK thank you so much for you’re response :slight_smile:
by what I referred to this hyperlink

in this you can see they have assign to camera so that the Texture may not start through the mesh

Need bigger hitters than me to answer why PG works for camera. Pinging @sebavan, @Evgeni_Popov @RaananW if available. Might have to wait until after the weekend.

Try camera.position rather than camera in your project.

Are you using Typescript? This is strict so wont allow wrong classes to be used whilst Javascript might.


yes I’m using typescript an therefore thanks a lot @JohnK for you’re kind support and time

It only works cause JS does not care of types and by luck the camera is having what this particle system needs like position

I would advise to use camera.position instead :slight_smile: