TypeError: Failed to execute 'setPosition' on 'AudioListener' error

Hi guys,
i am working on a level based game, so after levelup i am disposing current level meshes and all states, and then render new level on the same scene.It was working fine,But now when i try to render new level i am getting type error like ,
TypeError: Failed to execute 'setPosition' on 'AudioListener' . : The provided float value is non-finite. .
Any idea guys.

Hi guys,
I used to change the main camera’s alpha to inital alpha, when resetting the scene for new level like this.mainCamera.alpha = this.mainCameraAlpha;, where this.mainCameraAlpha is a constant alpha value.When i commented out this, everything is working fine.But i don’t know why though.

woot! can you repro on the playground? Or share a link to a webpage?

Sorry @Deltakosh couldn’t reproduce the issue on playground. I think the error occured due to a chain effect, I will let you know if i am getting the error again due to some other reason.

ok sounds good!