Unable to position the character in HDRI environment


We need to position the avatar into HDRI environment on the ground, we controlled camera settings but we are not able to put the character to get realistic effect.

Can somebody suggest some approach like in blender to position the character

Initially we were able to achieve the same using blender, but glb/gltf format does not support HDRI textures to run from babylonjs.


I have created a minimal template for getting up and running with the latest babylon + typescript + hdri environment.

you can create your own by running

npm init babylon@latest

Or you can see the source code for how to init a environment which both acts as the background and the reflection map.


Thanks @Leon for the help…
trying to create PG with yur logic…unable to import external materials into PG

import { CubeTexture } from ‘@babylonjs/core/Materials/Textures/cubeTexture’

can u throw some light how to incorporate this stuff into PG


It is already there. To get it just use BABYLON.CubeTexture

Thanks @labris for the help…

@Leon using hdri(CreateFromPrefilteredData) unable to load the scene…

using blender, this is possible.
could u help us to achieve the same using babylonjs


You are not using the right texture type https://playground.babylonjs.com/#19JGPR#370

Also if you want to move it on the ground you need Skyboxes | Babylon.js Documentation

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Thanks @sebavan

trying ground projection along with shadows by using skyboxes…

like in blender how can i apply Holdout Mask for the ground to get the shadow ?
can u throw some light here…

You can see an example here https://aka.ms/groundprojection

@sebavan its working…

for all 3d environments in .env format
But we have HDR format models, tried this logic for HDR environments, it failed

am just trying to change the logic :thinking:

It is exactly what I explained in the first answer, you are not using the correct texture type…