How to load HDR from url


I wanna load HDR from this site. But the way from docs doesn’t work.

Maybe I missed something?



you will only benefit from it with PBRMaterials or if you use the texture somewhere.

The playground only loads the texture but does not use it anywhere.

I’d like to use this texture as environment one

this should help: Skyboxes | Babylon.js Documentation you just have to replace the texture by yours

Will it use lighting of the texture?

Only if you use PBR Materials. you should read those docs:

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Tried this way, but didn’t work either

Your texture works in this PG, perhaps you will be able to find how it is different to yours.

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Looks exactly how I need

BTW, also I need environment lighting from the texture

Oh yeah, I resolved it

Thanks to the video turorial

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Actually I was so fast. HDRi lighting doesn’t work

In docs there’re plenty of examples of decades of different materials, especially PBR ones, for any case.

But personally I don’t see any reasons to create more than just a single thing. Maybe that’s cause I came from Blender and in my vision to make what I want you just need to import HDRi texture in environment texture node. And that’s all! Then you’ll have dynamic lighting from that envitonment texture, the environment texture itself as a background of the scene. And ofc you can adjust everything you’d like with nodes.

And here I can’t find any easy setup like this

you can use the shortcut method to create the skybox: scene.createDefaultSkybox to both set the env texture and create the skybox at once.

It doesn’t work

Or maybe I missed something?

The mesh needs a PBR material like this for example. :slight_smile: