Understanding of Bone.length

Hey all,
While dealing with skeletons I came across the Bone attribute length ( Bone | Babylon.js Documentation ).
From the description I would guess that changing the length of the bone by changing the scaling would lead to an increase of the length, but these both attributes seem to not affect each other.
And more important, by changing the attribute length, the attributes value changes, but it has no influence on the visualization.
Do I have an error in understanding the attribute length correctly or is there something wrong?

The changes I did were tested on this playground:

Thanks for your help in advance

I think the scaling in fact won’t affect the length and vice versa because the length is the base size of the bone, which is then multiplied by the scaling. You can see this is what happens with the boneIKController: Babylon.js/boneIKController.ts at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)
About changing the length, I’ll ping @bghgary who has more experience on this area.

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I added bone length a long time ago. It was not being used directly, but rather think it was used in an attempt to try to scale animation when copying between skeletons. It might also be used when displaying bones visually.

Not sure any exporters other than the Blender/ .babylon actually pass the values.

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Hello just checking in, was your question answered? @Guschti

yes it answered my question in general. Thank you both

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