Different type of Cameras & How to create UIs/Text

Hi, I am using the newest update (Babylon Toolkit: V5.0.0-A63.1X) and I noticed that it doesn’t comes with all the cameras as legacy 2019 version. How can I get access again, or in the best of the cases, how can I customize it in order to work as the sketchfab ( you can rotate around and zoom in and out with the middle scroller) is it possible to also make the camera follow the mouse cursor?

I’ve been also trying to find out how to add text and interactive UIs. I am trying to create a webxr portfolio that can be used as website, as an AR experience (world tracking) and through VR.
I will appreciate a lot if @MackeyK24 can create a video showing us how to do some of this.

By the way I made this with babylon toolkit legacy 2019 and virtual joysticks I was hoping to find a way on how to add interactors:


Pinging @MackeyK24 again in case they didn’t see this :smiley:

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They were kinda depreciated for the much simpler Universal Camera starter content…

Really you could just write a script to do you own camera control if you not using the Universal Camera System

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What about as far as the AR camera? is it world tracking?
I am not that much of a code/programmer so that is the reason why I am using your BTK for Unity.
How can I add a UI that could move the camera to different places of the scene?
Or even better if I have a 3D plate with 4 slices, how could I make a UI with 4 buttons that automatically rotate the plate or rotate the camera, and with some other buttons can zoom into some 3D models inside the plate, I’d like to also being able to show that same scene in AR and having the same UI able to rotate the model and zoom in as well, I am willing to pay for a tutorial.

Thank you Carol, It’s been a while, and I really really need help

If you don’t have much programming experience and would like someone else to code, you could post to the Service Offers and Requests section to see if anyone would be interested! :slight_smile:

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