Unity Toolkit Export

Babylon build works fine in unity, throws type errors and “BABYLON.SceneManager.GetRenderQuality is not a function” when running on server as shown below. Any suggestions on issue?

Unity 2021.3.12f1, Babylon Toolkit V5.0.0-A2x (tried several version).

@MackeyK24 - something for you :slight_smile:

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Did you get this working ?

@MackeyK24 I had to migrate assets to a new project and rebuild, for some reason this unity project just kept throwing these errors on rebuild when trying to check the obvious.

Is there a particular procedure to return Babylon toolkit to initial state? Wondering if project became corrupt but errors didn’t seem to clear even when flushing unity project including [Babylon] + [Config} folders.

Any suggestions in case issue arises in the future?

Maybe we can setup a goggle meet so you can show me your screen… maybe we can figure it out on your machine and your project

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Unfortunately I deleted the old project once migrating scene to new project to resolve issues, if this happens again I’ll make contact and share a copy.