Redshift material export for Maya exporter

Would love to see Redshift material export capability in the Maya exporter.

Adding @PatrickRyan who might be interested cause I think we removed redshift from the supported material list but I can not remember the reason behind it.

Please, be patient as he ll be back in Jan.

Awesome, thanks. Looks like this is a great reason to start learning Arnold.


@slimboX, the reason we use the standard Maya materials and Arnold materials as the vehicle to export to .glTF is that they are bundled with Maya with no need for an external purchase. We fully expect, at some point, for Maya to have the native ability to export their scenes to .glTF like many other DCC tools such as Houdini, Blender, Modo, or Substance Painter. In that vein, we know that our open source exporter tool has a limited shelf life for glTF and will need to determine what that means for our tooling to export to the .babylon format. Spending out limited resources expanding the exporter may not make a lot of sense.

However, there is one good thing about being open source, which is that anyone can contribute to the project. If you work in Redshift a majority of the time and see real benefit from exporting models using Redshift materials, you can certainly add on to our exporter and submit a pull request. This is the best way for open source projects to grow since the core contributors could never expect to fully support every scenario, and likely are not experts with those scenarios. Having someone who is an expert with an add-on or scenario contributing to the projects makes it better for everyone.

I would love to be able to support every add-on for a DCC tool, but the maintenance cost alone is prohibitive, not to mention the initial investment. But we would love have someone with expertise in Redshift tackle something like this and we would be happy to review any PRs that enable Redshift export.