Update from 7 to 7.1 causes loaded gltf to get flipped


I tried upgrading from 7 to 7.1 today.

When doing so there is a regression where some of my loaded gltf gets flipped

using babylon 7.1 you can see the hitboxes for the apartments are flipped on one axis

using 7.0
here it’s correct and the hitboxes line up with the apartments

Anyone got a clue?

Maybe this could have an impact?

Cc @bghgary

Could you share a file that shows the problem? I’m not sure what could explain this problem…

Definitely scary, any repro would be great ?

I’m away on a business trip a couple of days, but will have a look on friday, if I can reproduce it in a standalone project

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Thanks a lot @Leon

This is weird. There are definitely issues with the glTF exporter, but there should not have been changes between 7 and 7.1 that I’m aware of. Any luck reproducing it @Leon?

Sorry, have not had time to debug it yet, will get back to you when that ticket is at the top of the sprint :smile:

Finally had some time to debug this.

It was my fault, I was setting mesh.parent on the loaded hitboxes which caused them to not be within root, which caused them to become inverted.

Though it’s strange that it is was working in 7.0 :person_shrugging:

So for now I’m pausing my investigation, if I find it continues to be a problem, I’ll let you know :smile: