Update on babylonjs VR starter pack

Update on babylonjsvr starter pack:

This is a collection of five sketches (so far) on an external playground site, glitch:

  1. cloth is a crazy physically rendered materials example
  2. particle is a bright particle pulsing and lighting up the scene
  3. vr is the basic example with a grid for the floor
  4. city is a tron like city over the basic example
  5. city sliding and gliding, is car like or idk plane like? smooth moving over the city

here are some current issues in case anyone is interested in this

  1. smooth rotation (right now rotation and teleportation are tied together; I believe I have to disentangle them, and then making smooth rotation should be easy)
  2. collision in VR is not yet officially supported (I believe I’m right about this), but there is collision in regular babylon, I am looking at how to implement it in VR

feel free to HMU if you wanna join on these adventures

also, I am following the “cool examples from the playground thread carefully” and trying to lift stuff and shove it into vr, but if you feel like damn I want to see my stuff in vr @ me <3

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Update: problem 1 is solved!

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