Using blender, unreal or unity for prebaking a babyln scene

Hi everyone,

We have a floorplaning tool based on babylon and we want to build a webservice based on blender, unreal or unity to render the created floorplan from babylon and make it accessible for our webviewer after rendering/baking.

What toolchain would you recomend and are there some tutorials we could use? My first guess was using unreal since its very powerfull, but the gltf exporter doenst work well… So iam looking for the easiest and maybe fastest (computing performance) way.

Thx in advance :slight_smile:

cc @PatrickRyan
I know also that @Cedric created a super cool tool to live update the Babylon PG with blender assets: CedricGuillemet/BlenderLiveUpdate: Live HTTP/GLTF2 link between Blender and any tool that can stream assets like Babylon.js Playground ( which might be helpful when authoring the assets


i have not done it myself but I have done a little investigation in such things and for me personally I was seeing that using blender on the server was probably the best bet as it can be accessed via the command line.

I would like to try it out sometime when im less busy.

@Simon_Fritz, I have heard from others we work with about them using Blender in their asset pipeline for customization of assets for users. In their case they were using it for ray traced renders of an asset customized in a web viewer because they could run blender in a headless mode and because it was free.

If you use software with a licensing model you will need to check on the cost of doing something like this. I know that for small indie projects, both Unreal and Unity have free, or very low-cost, licensing. However, once you hit a certain threshold, the licensing fees change drastically.

I have not worked directly with a pipeline like this, but I think the benefit of blender for ray traced renders is the ability to kick them off in headless mode.

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