UV texture animation and data storage at sandbox.babylonjs.com

I exported from 3Dsmax to .babylon format with a plugin.
I want to animate the textures of the eyes of an animated character.
The UV texture animation in sandbox.babylonjs.com is
I was able to create the animation in the texture inspector,
When I export that data in .babylon, the character animation is lost.
Is there some setting I need to do?

I want the character animation and the UV animation of the eyes to play.

I’m not a programmer, so could you kindly tell me?

Welcome to the community!

I think the simplest way to animate it for you will be using the Node Material Editor: http://nme.babylon.com/

It’s a tool that allows editing and animating materials without needing to code. The Babylon Youtube Channel has some videos about it https://youtu.be/0re82mEd1n8?si=3iMG6piP3gqO8YUf and you can ask anything you don’t understand.